Park Description

Burger park caters to the four-legged K9 family members. It consists solely of 2 off-lease dog enclosures, with separate areas for small ( < 30) and large dogs (30 lbs).

Dog Parks

No fields or courts

No dedicated leisure green space

No playground

Two picnic tables located outside of the dog enclosures

Burger Dog Park Smyrna Benches and enclose entrances

2 off-leash dog enclosures (see rules)

  • Divided for small (< 30 lbs) and large dogs (> 30 lbs)
  • One bench located inside each section of the dog enclosures
  • Dog-friendly water fountain available inside each enclosure

Large dogs (> 30 lbs)

Burger Dog Park Smyrna Large dog enclosure

Small (< 30 lbs)

Burger Dog Park Smyrna Small dog enclosure with bench and fire hydrant


Gravel parking lot ~ 20 spaces

Water fountains located inside each dog enclosure