Park Description

Silver Comet Linear Park in Powder Springs is located alongside Silver Comet trail near the 9.3-mile marker. This park lives up to it’s “linear” name with amenities on either end of its parking lot and more a short walk down the Silver Comet Trail. This park is a great access point to the Silver Comet Trail with parking and bathrooms.

Fitness Equipment

Basketball – located at the back end of the parking lot

  • 1 outside full-court
  • Includes: Water fountain, picnic tables, and concrete bleachers built into the hillside
  • Special features: Fully covered and flooring consists of rubber tiles


Outdoor gym/exercise equipment

  • Fitness equipment for cardio, strength training, stretching, and calisthenics
  • Fully covered
  • Located along the Silver Comet Trail – to get there from the parking lot turn left onto the trail and will be on the left


Walking/Running – 61.5 miles paved trail


No dedicated leisure green space

Playground designed for ages 5-12

  • Includes: Multiple slides and climbing structures
  • Ground-type: Wood chips
  • Shade: Provided by canvas awnings
  • Seating: Benches


Inclusive toddler Playground designed for ages 2-5

  • Includes: Multiple climbing structures and slides
  • Ground-type: Artificial turf
  • Shade: Little shade provided by attached umbrellas
  • Seating: Benches
  • The structure features ramp access

Pavilion & Concession building

  • Includes: Picnic tables and bathrooms

  • No fenced area
  • Dog waste stations available
  • Dog water fountain available next to the basketball court

Parking lot ~ 100 spaces

  • Direct access to the Silver Comet Trail
  • Handicap parking available

Bathrooms at concession building next to the playground

Water fountains at basketball court and bathrooms