Published On: May 19th, 2024

Things to do at Peachtree Center Town Green

Things to do at Peachtree Center Town Green

Are you looking for a fun and exciting outdoor destination to explore with friends and family? Look no further than Peachtree Center Town Green! This vibrant outdoor gathering space with a playground, workout area, open lawn, and seating is perfect for visiting or breaking from the surrounding shops and eateries.

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New all-inclusive playground

One of the most exciting new additions to the Town Green is the all-inclusive playground, which opened in July 2022. This playground is designed to accommodate children of all abilities and ages, so everyone can have a fun and safe play experience.

Safe Play Experience

Playground Features

The playground features a solid rubber surface that makes accessing all the play elements easy, but be aware that the ground is hilly.

Unique Features

Quantis Net Play System

One of the unique features of the playground is the large Quantis net play system, which is not commonly found in the Atlanta area and provides an exciting play experience for kids. Just remember to wear sunscreen and keep an eye on the temperature of the equipment, as there is minimal shade, and the equipment can get warm in the sun.

For Hot Summer Days

Splash Pad

A nearby splash pad is also a great way to cool off during hot summer days. Don’t forget to bring a travel wet bag for your wet swimsuits after a day at the splash pad.

Check Out This Versatile Rider Stroller

Check out the versatile Rider Stroller, perfect for checking out the shops or hitting the playground. With the ability to grow with your child, it easily transforms from a stroller to a rider and even a scooter.

Its lightweight design and easy fold making it a great option for on-the-go parents.

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But Peachtree Center Town Green isn’t just for kids!

Adults can also enjoy the Ninja Warrior-type obstacle course and outdoor workout area in the woods. This obstacle course is designed to challenge your strength, agility, and endurance, making it an ideal workout for fitness enthusiasts at all skill levels.


Want to expand your workout spot options in Atlanta?

Check out our guide to parks with outdoor exercise equipment.

Community Gatherings and Events

Peachtree Center Town Green is also a place for community gatherings and events. Throughout the year, you’ll find various festivals and events on the lawn, including live music, food trucks, and more.


Covered Areas

You can relax in one of the many Adirondack chairs around the fire pit or under one of the covered areas to escape the day’s sun.

Keep cool during outdoor activities

Keep cool during outdoor activities with this portable, rechargeable, and folding fan.

It eliminates the need for outlets when charged and it’s versatile with its adjustable height, multiple speed settings, and oscillation features.

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Come and Explore

Whether you’re looking for a place to play, exercise, or gather with friends and family, this lively outdoor area has something for everyone. So come and explore all the fun and excitement Peachtree Center Town Green offers!

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We hope this article was helpful and encourage you to share it with others.

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